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Oil and Gas Considered One of the Best Investments for Yearly Tax Deductions

Investors’ participation in oil and gas partnerships has reached a multi-year high in 2018 primarily due to a sustained rise in prices, but also due to capitalizing on large deductions in the year of the investment. Considered one of the top tax-advantaged investments, oil and gas partnerships not only offer large deductions but also provide the opportunity to […]

Recent News | WTI Hits Our Forecast Target $76.47, Where to Next?

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) ($76.37) Technical Outlook West Texas Intermediate reached the $76.47 target cited in our January 2018 and March 3, 2018 forecast today with an intraday high of $77.06 and closed today at $76.37. This level found bids in 2011-2012 when prices ranged $74.95-112.56 for several months before a downside break of this $75 level in Nov 2014. […]

Recent News | West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Technical Outlook

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) (69.01) Short-Term Outlook WTI achieved $75.38 last month, just about a buck shy of the $76.47 target from our January 2018 forecast and restated in our Mar 3, 2018 forecast. Short term prices at this writing showing evidence to move lower as daily prices have opened and closed below the 20-day moving average (69.65) […]

Appalachian Basin Forecast – Most Profitable Petrochemical Region

US Department of Energy (DOE)  Secretary Rick Perry recently testified before the US House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations that DOE is actively working on plans to transition Appalachia into a petrochemical refining center with investment in the region a priority for national security.  Perry further explained the Appalachian region “makes sense because you’re sitting on […]

Primary Tax Benefits of Investing in Oil

There are several major tax benefits available to oil and gas investors which makes this investment unique above all others. U.S. tax codes favor investment in energy resources and oil and gas lead the way with a catalog of incentives for investors as well as oil producers. Below are just a few of the key […]