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Tax Benefits for Oil and Gas Investors

There are several major tax benefits available to oil and gas investors which makes this investment unique above all others. U.S. tax codes favor investment in energy resources and oil and gas leads the way with a catalogue of incentives for investors as well as oil producers. Below are just a few of the key […]

WTI Moves Above 200 Month Moving Average, First Time Since Feb 2009

Oil prices have remained firm for all of 2018 as seasonal increasing demand will continue to witness higher prices into late summer 2018.  However, long-term global demand, especially that from developing emerging economies, will continue to pressure global supplies and keep oil prices firm in the years ahead. Emerging economies are witnessing annual growth rates from 6-16% annually and […]

Oil’s Technical Breakout

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) made an upside technical breakout last week of the 2018 high ($66.63) as a higher close this week will confirm further price rise is underway initially targeting 68.85, 69.91, 70.92, 71.93 and eventually 76.43 in the weeks ahead. A series of higher daily lows beginning with the Feb 2018 low of 58.05 confirmed rising demand as global markets […]

Trade War Concerns Fuel Volatile Markets

US stocks, commodities and US Dollar witnessed volatile swings this week fueled by trade war concerns after President Trump’s continued rhetoric about potentially adding an additional $100M in Chinese tariffs. This latest round and potential escalation in the back-and-fourth comments between the two nations officials steadied sentiment early in the week, but as the week progressed, markets reacted less and less to […]

Oil Bid Higher Now Targets $76.47

http://fxlivetrader.omnovia.com/archives/352270 Oil prices moved sharply higher during the far east market open on Monday, initially reaching 66.52, just shy of the 2018 high of 66.63. Prices have recently moved higher partially due to two reasons today, first, China’s Shanghai Yuan-denominated oil futures first day of trading caused prices to bid higher as this newly available […]