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Oil Bid Higher Now Targets $76.47

http://fxlivetrader.omnovia.com/archives/352270 Oil prices moved sharply higher during the far east market open on Monday, initially reaching 66.52, just shy of the 2018 high of 66.63. Prices have recently moved higher partially due to two reasons today, first, China’s Shanghai Yuan-denominated oil futures first day of trading caused prices to bid higher as this newly available […]

International Energy Agency Warns of World Oil Deficit

Crude oil prices have remained firm this week despite Wednesday’s U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) weekly report on the change in the number of barrels of crude oil held in inventory by commercial firms during the past week coming in at +5.0 million barrel surplus. U.S. oil output hit a record last week rising to […]

Inflation Concerns on Hold with Today’s CPI

Dollar suffers broad based selling during today’s early US session as US CPI data came in as expected with +0.2% for February.  The prior January  +0.5% may have been an anomaly and is a relief to market participants.  Additionally, the US Dollar was weighed down today by political turmoil in the White House. Headline CPI […]

Tax Benefits for Oil and Gas Investors

There are several major tax benefits available to oil and gas investors which makes this investment unique above all others. U.S. tax codes favor investment in energy resources and oil and gas lead the way with a catalog of incentives for investors as well as oil producers. Below are just a few of the key […]