The History of Oil Investing

Drilling for oil began in the United States more than two centuries ago, and in the beginning, people didn’t even realize they were doing it. The first oil extracted from the earth by drillers was actually the byproduct of entrepreneurs looking for salt. In fact, many of these early speculators just discarded the natural gas and crude oil that resulted from their efforts.

That changed about halfway through the 19th century when some enterprising businessmen realized the potential for oil as a fuel source. After the first dedicated oil well appeared in America in the late 1850s, the search for oil grew.

Today, nearly 100 million barrels of oil are extracted every single day around the world, and despite what some may think, that number is only growing. The average person in a developed nation uses 14 barrels of oil a year, and as standards of living and technological advancements increase, the need for reliable energy is growing with it — meaning it’s still a great time to get into oil investing.

How to Invest in Oil and Gas

But how can you, as an accredited investor, benefit from working with an oil investment company? There are many ways that you can see a profit with oil. You can invest in oil wells directly, owning a piece of a drilling rig and profiting from the oil they sell to refiners or consumers.

Oil-based companies can also make money selling oilfield services, helping other entities that own oilfields extract their own oil and gas. Oilfield services can include management and advice with setting up oil and gas wells, selling, renting, repairing and maintenance of oil and gas extraction equipment, transportation services for oil rigs and other equipment and more. Oil investment opportunities exist all along the supply chain for gas and oil. Companies can make money refining crude oil for sale to gas stations and other entities that sell to consumers.

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