Natural Gas Investors

Viper Capital Partners offers natural gas investor opportunities to individual accredited investors, businesses, or investment groups.

What Is Natural Gas Investing and How Can Natural Gas Investors Benefit?

Natural gas, like crude oil, is a hydrocarbon fuel found deep within the earth. It, along with oil, makes up a considerable part of the world’s energy resources. America and the world are heavily reliant on natural gas. In fact, natural gas is used in more than 60 percent of homes in the United States. It is also a product found in greater abundance in the United States than almost anywhere else. This means when you’re investing in natural gas, you are investing in a product that helps America move toward energy independence.

Natural gas extraction is similar to oil extraction — it requires drilling. Conventional gas is captured when the sandstone above it is broken through, releasing the gas from pockets underneath where it had become trapped. Through newer methods such as fracking and horizontal drilling, gas can be extracted from the sandstone itself or the shale it is trapped inside.

Natural gas is used for heating about half of the homes in the U.S., as well as for many other purposes, such as making ammonia, plastic, paint and even generating electricity. It should be clear how an investor who owns a piece of a gas production operation can see tremendous financial benefits.

How Can You Invest in Natural Gas?

Natural gas can back a wide variety of investment products, including:

  • ETFs: There are Exchange Traded Funds backed by natural gas, which are similar to mutual funds that you trade publicly like stocks. There is some risk involved in natural gas ETFs, as they are subject to market variations but they can often yield high dividends.
  • Stocks: You can also invest directly by stock in a company that produces natural gas. There are many publicly traded companies in the gas space you can invest in, whether you’re interested in natural gas drilling, refineries, equipment, wholesaling or even direct-to-consumer retail gas opportunities.
  • Futures: If you’ve traded in futures before, gas futures are no different. You agree to a price today to buy natural gas later down the road. As the value of gas rises, your futures gain in value.
  • Partnerships: You can directly buy into a private partnership with an existing natural gas company and share in the profits of whatever of their ventures are agreed upon in your contract.

Invest in Natural Gas With Viper Capital Partners

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