Oil Drilling Investors

Viper Capital Partners is always on the lookout for accredited investors. We know investors of oil drilling are generally savvy business entities that understand the benefits a good oil investor opportunity can provide. We have had great success with oil well investors in the past and are looking for more. Here are some reasons why oil well investing with Viper Capital Partners can be highly beneficial to any portfolio.

Global Fuel Needs Are Growing

Do not believe any suggestions that demand for hydrocarbon fuel sources like oil and natural gas is on the decline — the truth is exactly the opposite. There is enough demand for oil to justify the extraction of almost 100 million barrels a day, and over the next few decades, we expect that number to climb well over 100 million. The fact is that living standards are improving in many parts of the world, and with it, opportunities to use oil.

Investment Opportunities in Oil Are Myriad

An oil and gas extraction company can show profits all along the supply chain, and your investment could produce revenue from multiple sources. Oil investors can make money by directly owning a piece of an oil drilling rig that extracts oil, but they can also make money from an oil refinery that prepares the crude oil for distribution.

There is money in oilfield services — such as selling or renting equipment to those who own existing oil fields, helping to set up oil wells or offering supervision, management, advice or maintenance for oil drilling activities — and there are opportunities at the downstream distribution end of oil production. Oil extraction opens up an entire world of investment opportunities.

Oil Investment Red Flags

Because oil investment opportunities are so appealing, some companies can mislead you easily. If you find yourself being offered an oil investment opportunity with low risk and high reward, proceed with caution. If the group proposing the possibility makes it difficult to examine their oil wells, fields, equipment or any other aspect of their operation, you should probably look elsewhere. It is very easy to fall for what seems like a hopeful oil investment opportunity because so many oil investment opportunities are in fact quite promising.

This is why it is so important to invest in a proven oil investment company. Viper Capital Partners is well-known throughout the Houston area, so you can be confident your oil investment will be in very safe hands.

Find Oil Investment Opportunities to Suit Your Specific Needs Today

Whether you’re looking for a piece of mineral rights, a full-on partnership or another type of oil investment that suits your company best, we can find it. When it comes to oil investing, Viper Capital Partners is here to help. Contact us now to find out more.