Oil and Gas Company

Viper Capital Partners exists to meet your needs for a Houston-based oil drilling company. If you’re an accredited investor considering oil and gas investments, read on to understand the activities of a typical oil and gas exploration company.

How Oil and Gas Exploration Companies Work

The need for reliable sources of oil and natural gas is unquestioned. Despite the existence of alternative energy sources, as much as 85 percent of energy consumption in the U.S. has come from hydrocarbon fuel sources like oil, natural gas and coal, with oil having been responsible for supplying as much as 40 percent of American energy needs. With the rapid advance of modern technology, the need for reliable energy sources will only grow over the next few decades.

However, someone has to find these sources of natural gas and oil, and the more we use, the harder it is to find. That is where an experienced oil and natural gas exploration company comes in. Our job is to locate an oil-rich area and employ modern techniques to find the most efficient ways to identify and extract the crude oil from the earth.

Methods of Extraction

The most reliable technique for extracting oil is through drilling. This is simply a matter of drilling into the ground to release the oil. While the idea is simple, the methods can be complicated and require experienced drillers with proper equipment. Oil is extracted using an oil rig, which includes the drill and the method for collecting the oil as it is released. Types of oil rigs include land rigs that drill directly into the land, submersible rigs for ocean, lake and swamp drilling and Jack-Ups, high-set rigs for off-shore drilling.

We can set up rigs for vertical drilling, drilling straight down to the oil or angled or horizontal drilling, which involves curving the drill pathway around and underneath the surface to more efficiently access the oil.

Natural gas extraction requires a similar procedure but includes breaking up the rock that has the gas trapped within to allow it to flow through a pipe set up to direct the gas to a containment unit so that it does not escape into the environment.

Profit Opportunities With Oil and Gas Companies

The opportunities to invest in and profit from an oil and gas extraction company are rife and can include the direct sale of oil and gas, rental or sale of extraction equipment, management services for existing oil fields, downstream production revenue for the sale of refined oil and gas to consumers and more. The right oil and gas company — one that knows where the most fuel-rich lands are, how to acquire them and how to profit from them — can represent a massive boost to one’s investment portfolio. Request investing information from Viper Capital Partners today!