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United States World’s Leading Oil Producer, Soon to Be World’s Leading Exporter!

The International Energy Agency (IEA) reported in 2018 that the United States became the world’s largest producer of oil, surpassing that of rival oil producers Saudi Arabia and Russia. Additionally, the United States also became a net exporter of oil in 2018, a distinction not held in 75 years. With US production ramping up and global demand continuing […]

Crude Oil Setting Up for Dramatic Upside Breakout

Crude oil setting up for upside breakout of huge multi-year consolidation pattern which dates back to 2003. Similar but smaller patterns occurred in 2011 which resulted in the 2014 downside break and subsequent decline in prices of $79, reaching a low of $25.75 in 2016 and again an even smaller pattern in 2017 which witnessed the 2018 […]